BasicTX Daughterboard 1-250 MHz Tx

The BasicTx daughterboard is a low-cost daughter board that provides transmission capability from the USRP from 1 to 250 MHz. The BasicTx uses two wideband transformers to match the dual DAC outputs of a USRP to 50-ohm SMA connections.

The wide bandwidth of the BasicTx board allows the USRP to operate in a subsampling mode when the desired output frequency is beyond the sampling clock rate of the USRP DACs. Each output of the BasicTx can be operated independently, or combined into a single I/Q pair. Note that appropriate filtering should be utilized in subsampling modes.

Example applications include transmitters with external RF front ends direct generation of baseband of passband signals and custom daughtercard development

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Daughterboard Compatibility Application Note

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