WBX 50-2200 MHz Rx/Tx (120 MHz, X Series only)

The WBX-120 is a full-duplex, wideband transceiver that covers a frequency band from 50 MHz to 2.2 GHz with an instantaneous bandwidth of 120 MHz. The WBX-120 can serve a wide variety of application areas, including public safety, airband communications, amateur radio, and ISM.

The local oscillators for the receive and transmit chains operate independently, allowing frequency-duplex operation. The references for the local-oscillators are derived from the USRP master-clock, which permits coherent operation with multiple, synchronized USRP X300/X310 devices.

*Notes: The WBX-120 is compatible with the high-bandwidth USRP X300 and USRP X310 products. See the WBX if you are not using a USRP X300/310.

Kit Contents:

WBX-120 Daughterboard
Recommended for Use With:

A USRP X300 and USRP X310 to support high-bandwidth applications
Additional Information:

USRP X300/X310 Configuration Guide
Daughterboard Compatibility Table
Manual Information
Performance Data

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