Carriots is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) designed for Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) projects.


We connect devices to Internet and Internet to the devices.

What you can do with Carriots:

  • Collect & store any kind of data from your devices
  • Build powerful applications with our SDK engine
  • Deploy and scale from tiny prototypes to thousands of devices


 You can easily integrate your application with external IT systems through our powerful APIs, web services, and a      completely hands-free hosting environment that automatically scales to meet any demand.


Build faster, cheaper, simpler, reliable and scalable projects on our Cloud for the Internet of Things


How you can do it

  • Connect any device to Carriots; you only need Internet access
  • Send your data to our REST API; its simple, secure and standard
  • Make it smart using our SDK; Java scripting power at your fingertips with Groovy
  • Access, integrate, manage and make it really powerful combining it all

Simple development environment, robust APIs and worry-free hosting. Accelerate your application development and take advantage of simple scalability as your project and your devices grows

Main benefits

  • Ready to start developing: start now with our Free account and manage up to 2 devices.
  • Reduce development time to the minimum: Just focus your project we provide the rest.
  • Multiple projects management made simple: 7 level architecture to make it possible.
  • Rich set of APIs and powerful SDK: Simple and standard REST API and Groovy SDK.
  • Immediate scalability: let your project grow and multiply your devices.
  • Free to start, just pay for what you use: Get started without upfront costs with up to 2 devices, then pay only for used resources.
  • Worry-free application hosting: PaaS delivering seamless scalability, we care about keeping the system up for your SLAs needs.

Key Features





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