Solidthinking Embed

solidThinking Embed (formerly known as VisSim Embedded) is a visual environment for model based development of embedded systems. Its highly efficient diagram-to-code capability shortens the development time and increases product quality.

Models are built by simply sliding blocks into the work area and wiring them together with the mouse.Embed automatically converts the control diagrams into C-code ready to be downloaded to the target hardware. The generated C-code is recognized for its efficiency with respect to memory requirements and runtime.

solidThinking Embed represents a new era of VisSim for efficient model-based embedded development including new packaging aimed at providing more functionality with simplified configuration and installation.

Similar to previous versions, there are two main products:

solidThinking Embed SE (Simulation Edition) replacing Professional VisSim
solidThinking Embed replacing VisSim Embedded (Includes Embed SE)
The number of add-ons have been reduced to two:

solidThinking Embed – Digital Power Designer
solidThinking Embed/Comm
Many more capabilities are now available within the main products:

Frequency Domain Analysis and Linearization
Generalized reduced gradient method of parameter optimization
Electric motor and controller block set (floating point)
UML 2 state transition diagram editor to simulate event-driven systems
Real-time data monitoring with CAN, OPC, real-time data acquisition boards, serial, and UDP
Support for solidThinking Compose Open Matrix Language
Enhanced support for Texas Instruments TI F28377D
Faster and more efficient code generation





Rapid Development of Control Systems
solidThinking Embed provides a complete toolchain for the development of embedded control systems covering Software-in-the-Loop, Processor-in-the-Loop as well as Hardware-in-the-Loop simulations. You can make changes to a control diagram, and compile and download it to the target MCU in seconds. Then, while the system is operating, you can interactively update the control parameters. Using powerful data logging, buffering, and digital scoping blocks, you can gain insight into the control algorithms deployed on the target MCU in real time.

No Hand-Coding Required!
Turning control diagrams into executable, real-time capable code used to require an experienced embedded software developer. With solidThinking Embed’s code generator a control design engineer can easily try out new algorithms on a target hardware without the need of hand-coding.

Affordable & Easily Configurable Development Environment
The basic configuration of solidThinking Embed is packaged with most of the tools needed for embedded development including state charts, target support, fixed point algorithms, efficient code generators, motor control libraries, and a lot more. This results in an affordable and easy configurable development environment.

Solidthinking Embed

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